Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships

We have many clients that are either events themselves or that own/operate events. Recently, I was working with a group of them and we did some brainstorming around why event sponsorship is so good for brands. This is some of what we determined.

  1. When a brand sponsors an event and activates well, it can engage one on one with its target audience. It allows sponsors to interact in real time with live people, answer their questions, and educate them on product.
  2. When the event is charitable, or operated by a charity or non-profit, the brand achieves some of the halo effect. It looks like the brand is supporting/giving back to the organization. That same halo effect aligns with sports property events. If you are a fan of the team and a brand sponsors the team, you feel good about the brand.
  3. Events provide opportunities for sponsors to activate on site. They can sample product, hand out information, and interact. Activation is key—hanging up banners or putting your name on a t-shirt is a waste of money for event sponsors. They must activate to be successful at an event.
  4. Sponsoring an event delivers terrific brand awareness and brand exposure. Brand recall is higher for sponsors associated with an event than through typical traditional media or even digital and social. People are enjoying their experience at events, and when they see and are engaged by a brand that enhances their event experience even more, the brand recall is higher.

Tell me if you know of other reasons why event sponsorships are valuable to sponsors!

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  1. Events come with a built in storyline, with a beginning, middle and end, and usually a “pre” and a “post” too. And lots of opportunity for end user interaction and innovation in activation.

    • Tanya, really good point… a ton of opportunity for interaction. Thanks for reading and I hope you are well. Brent

  2. Good point Tanya!

    I would have to agree with all points, especially the halo effect. Anything brands can do to ENHANCE the attendee experience is key. To this day, I remember an event I attended where ROGERS hosted a phone charging station. Whether I purchase a ROGERS product or not, I still remember the brand.

    • Thanks Josh for the comment… great example. Looking forward to catching up in person again soon.


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