Always be….

Always be….

Always be closing. ABC! That was the phrase that was drilled into me. Whether you are talking with a new prospect, having a drink after a function, or pitching a proposal, I was taught that the ABC meant “always be closing”. To be successful you had to always be closing. Are you getting the picture? Always be closing if you want to be successful.

I have been able to shed that concept over the past 10-15 years. But it was not until COVID happened that our clients really understood the shift that we had been telling them for so long. ABC stands for “Always Be Communicating”! During the early days of COVID and right through the summer and now into the fall, we have been urging our clients to be communicating with their partners. Be they properties or sponsors, they needed to be constantly communicating. That may mean email updates or DMs asking how they are doing. It might be posting news about them through LinkedIn or Twitter. The key is to stay in touch, just like you would family and close friends. These partners are your lifeline, your professional world family and professional work friends.

Years ago… even before I started this TMC publication 11 years ago to share with our clients, prospects, friends and thousands of people I don’t know personally that subscribe, I had a newsletter that I published to communicate with this audience. We also for years shared industry stories and happenings via a weekly “Sponsorship Update” email. That eventually morphed into us sharing all that same content as it happened via LinkedIn and Twitter.

You need to find different ways to communicate… be that in person / face to face (when possible in these times); by email, text, newsletter, social or even digital. Sometimes it is sending a gift by mail or courier. I know Mark Jackson at Promotional Resource Group often sends to clients a little gift with a note that is memorable / helpful and engaging. This is an impactful way to communicate.

Always Be Communicating – ABC. Be that with your partners, your staff or your superiors. Find effective ways to communicate, stay in touch constantly and be relevant. It is critical to be relevant. There is nothing worse than getting a message, voice mail or live phone call or ZOOM call when the person has nothing relevant to offer me. They asked for the time, I grant it and then it is not purposeful or relevant…. The trust referred to earlier this month in a TMC has been eroded.

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Please remember to stay HIPS! (Healthy, Isolate when possible, Physical distancing from others and Safe!)

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