Building Sharable Content

Building Sharable Content

Do you want better content for your social networks, profile documents, and proposals? We have begun to work on building better content for delivery through the TMC, through LinkedIn, Twitter, email, speaking engagements, and on our website.

 Yes, content is king. When people like or find value in the content you share via whatever channel, then you are building or enhancing a relationship. You build trust. You build thought leadership recognition. You attract new and repeat business—and that’s what it’s all about. As a company, we have always shared our knowledge and content. Sometimes, it is free through channels like social, TMC, and our website collection of whitepapers and other sources of content. Sometimes, you pay for it through our consulting services or when we speak at a conference you paid to attend (live on site or virtual). Some pay for it by purchasing my book Reality Check – Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing. And sometimes that knowledge is accessed free on webinars that members of our team are part of. That is what makes us successful. Sharing content. Sharing great content. But the key question we asked ourselves six months ago was “How can we deliver even better and more applicable content?” We came up with some ways to do so. As noted, we are presently using these ideas to work on providing you (a content user through TMC and other channels) with better content that is more applicable to your needs.

 Here are six simple steps you can follow to build better and more applicable content to share on whatever channels you and your organization (property or sponsor) use.

  1. Know who your audience is and what they want—this is essential. Is it families, sport enthusiasts, environmentalists, young children, seniors, people only in Atlantic Canada? Is it people who dine out 2+ times a week or DIY people? Do they have an average household income of $350,000+ and own luxury automobiles, or are they on average a DINK audience that loves to travel? Know the audience in as much detail as you possible.
  1. We have been doing work on this profiling for several clients to help them better understand the profile of their audience so they can prospect effectively. That same data is also used by the marketing and communications folks at client organizations to better understand their audience.
  1. Once you know who you audience is, understand who your competitors are. If you are a charity that also generates revenue from sale of services or tickets to performances, then your competitor might be the local pro sports franchise, or others selling those or similar services. Truly understand your competition.
  1. Go to your competitors’ websites, YouTube channels, and social channels. Figure out what people are asking them. Are they being questioned about statistics or community projects? Do they want to learn from your competitor about nutrition, walking routes, or the best fashion styles? Understand what your audience is requesting from your competitors.
  1. Build out the top 25 questions being asked of your competitors and you will have 25 relevant and effective topics to write, talk, and post about.
  1. Go to YouTube and SlideShare, and type in topics relevant to your organization. This might be nutrition, fitness, medicines, performing arts, hockey players, or shopping tends. Whatever your organization is focused on, type it into these search engines. These channels will provide a plethora of content topics to build out or share.

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Please remember to stay HIPS! (Healthy, Isolate when possible, Physically distanced from others, and Safe!) and check out the WSC® Alberta Forum.

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