Commitment is a tough. Typically, it provides pleasure, but sometimes it takes hard work. I have made many commitments over the course of my almost 58 years on this earth. They include a commitment to love and cherish my wife, even from before our actual marriage almost 20 years ago. That commitment has been wonderful, and though all marriages are hard work, it has been pretty easy to live up to because she is truly an amazing woman, mother, and partner!

What other commitments have I made over the years? Of course, there is the ongoing commitment of hard work, ROI, and industry-leading advice to our clients at Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® as well as to my bosses and the companies I have worked for over the years. Like my marriage, this has been a pleasure. It is so great to be hired to do something, work hard at it, deliver success, and where possible, over deliver on results. That is a pleasurable commitment.

I committed to quit drinking alcohol one day at a time over 23 years ago. I also made a commitment to my wife-to-be that I would quit smoking and delivered on that commitment a decade ago. I wear a bracelet made by my now 14-year-old daughter when she was five. She gave it to me for Christmas that year and told me I can only take it off when I shower, swim, or sleep. I have continued to live up to that commitment as well.

But one commitment that I get a great deal from continuing to deliver on is a commitment to you. Yes, you! It was ten years ago this week that I wrote my first official weekly TMC (Tuesday Morning Commentary). So, 521 publications later, I continue to commit to this. Each week, I share with you my thoughts, knowledge, opinions, and sometimes a rant or two that have nothing to do with business. But what the heck! I enjoy sharing what I know and continue to learn with you and others. What I also really enjoy and what provides the ongoing fuel to write TMC 522 and onward is your feedback. Sometimes it is comments such as, “I needed this today,” “I shared this with my team,” or “I so agree. I have done that for years and it really works.” Of course, there is the feedback that can be as opinionated as I: “You are an idiot and don’t know what you are talking about” or “That is crazy and will never work.” But I appreciate all of it.

Where are you with your commitment? What work commitments are you delivering on? Where have you fallen short? What commitments (short- or long-term) are you most proud of? Check in on your commitments often and make sure they are truly being delivered. Each morning and evening, I am grateful for anther day not smoking and drinking; I talk to my wife every day—even when I am on the road. Every day we talk, and I tell her I love her. I check in with clients, past and present, on a regular basis and see how we are doing in our commitment to them. And each night, when I climb into bed and take off the bracelet from my daughter, I know I have lived up to my part of the commitment. Each Tuesday, when I hear back from readers like you, I know I have delivered on my TMC commitment.

Make a point of checking in on your commitments, both in your personal life and in the professional world.

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  1. Well said my friend and congrats on being so consistent.

    • Thanks buddy! Looking forward to seeing you in Nanaimo this month. Email me and let’s set up a day and time before we get booked… Monday the 23rd is available for us… rest of the days that week we are in Victoria…

  2. Congrats on 10 years and #522!
    Back when I too smoked, I remember reading a comment about quitting smoking, “quitting is easy, I’ve done it dozens of times”. . .
    Commitment is not a sometimes thing, it’s an all the time thing. Congrats on knowing and living the difference!

    • Rick,

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate that! I know that line “I quit dozens of times”… used it a lot! The other one was “why should I quit… I am not a quitter”… glad I quit those though!

      Have an amazing week. Brent

  3. I read this entire thing in an Italian accent because of the first line (go back and a read it again!). And I loved it just as much. LOL…. teasing aside though, this is one of the things I admire most about you, is your commitment to your clients and people you’ve met in the game (like me!) long after they’ve even changed career paths. Your insight on TMC is applicable to any profession – which is why I stay subscribed, five years and counting!

    • Rri,

      You are making me blush! I saw that extra “a” about an hour after it went out….

      Thanks for the kind comments and the commitment to reading every week. WOW… has it been 5+ years? It seems like only yesterday we were doing the City stuff together. I so enjoy keeping in touch… looking forward to connecting again soon in person.

  4. Why make a professional commitment when you half-ass it for years and get away with it? LOL

    Congrats Brent, you officially have your own folder in my Inbox! (If I cant read them on Tues, you bet your butt I read them on Fri!)

    Thanks, as always for COMMITTING to the TMC!


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