Consumer Sponsorship Report (CSR 2015)

Consumer Sponsorship Report (CSR 2015)

There are lots of research studies on sponsorship in Canada. Many properties conduct their own research. Many brands do the same to determine outcomes on their investments or to determine what the best investment might actually be. Then there are the ones that only look into the property side or at general ranking. In all these cases, the way the questions are asked is based upon the objective of the specific brand or property paying for the study, or the agency commissioned by a brand or property to conduct the research.

As the only impartial national sponsorship study in Canada specifically asking consumers about both brands and properties in the same study, the Consumer Sponsorship Rankings provides an incredible amount of data and research for buyers and sellers of sponsorships. Each year, the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® engages REPUCOM, Canada’s leading research firm working with the top brands and properties, to speak with 2000+ Canadians about corporate sponsorship. They ask what the top properties are overall and also by category, such as festivals, arts, sports, etc. They ask about the effect of the brands on these properties; about post-secondary and secondary institutions, municipalities, and parks, and the sponsorships associated with them. They ask about the brands that make the most impact and where their impact is felt most. The data reaches deeply into demographic, as well as geographic location and more. It is an amazing study that gives us at the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® unbiased research to better consult with our clients. With data that none of our competition has, we can provide necessary information and insights that no one else can deliver. It truly sets us apart from the competition.

The overview of this information will be revealed at the Western Sponsorship Congress® in a few weeks with a hard copy of the top-line information, but I want to share some of the details with you this morning. Here are some of the highlights of the 2015 CSR.

  • Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons have been trending upward since 2013 in terms of their perception as “active sponsors,” while Molson has steadily declined (especially in the professional hockey space).
  • Ford has cemented its spot as the #1 Canadian auto sponsor as the brand’s sponsorship awareness is nearly 6x more than the closest competitors.
  • Scotiabank has steadily closed the gap between it and RBC as the top Canadian banking sponsor – mostly driven by an increased knowledge of the brand’s hockey-related sponsorships.
  • Since 2013, the Canadiens have clearly separated themselves from the pack as the most prestigious professional team in Canada. The second place Maple Leafs have been declining over this time period and are now pointed out by less than half the number of people as the Canadiens for this distinction.
  • Canadians have expressed a slight decline in their support of large charities/foundations (such as the Canadian Cancer Society and Red Cross) compared to 2014. It is likely that the emergence of many local causes has made people’s contributions more diverse.
  • 85% of Canadians believe that companies should be able to sponsor public spaces such as hockey rinks, ball parks, and recreational facilities.
  • Almost 1 out of 2 Canadians agree that companies should be able to re-title existing buildings named after prominent citizens or community benefactors.
  • 72% of Canadians believe national and provincial parks should seek corporate sponsorship as a source of revenue.
  • 62% of Canadians believe that high schools should seek corporate sponsorship as an alternate revenue channel; the number is higher for post-secondary institutions (64%).
These are just one person’s thoughts. Yours are welcomed as well. Please add your thoughts or comments below. Thank you for reading and your feedback.
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