Creating Exceptional Experiences

Creating Exceptional Experiences

We are in the business of creating experiences that resonate with consumers and encourage them to buy from us. Whether you are a sponsor or a property, creating experiences is critical to the success of any sponsorship. Sponsorship is “adding emotion and engagement to advertising.” It is about enhancing the experience one has at an event or program, or by being associated with a property or brand. Without engagement and emotion, it’s just advertising! These discussions alone are worth the price of registration.

When we work with clients, we try to help them to ideate to make those experiences come alive, be impactful, and deliver results. We look to see how the consumer or patron will feel that the sponsor’s presence has added value or enhanced their experience. We also look to see how to show that consumer/patron how both they and the sponsor have a bond. It might be the music festival they are attending, sports team they both “cheer” for, a shared love of theatre, or support of youth. The consumer/patron must leave the experience saying, “That sponsor and I have something in common.” Then there must be a call to action. It does not necessarily have to be a sale right then and there—it may be the beginning of a relationship, a major purchase journey, or an employment opportunity soon or in the future. As noted in last week’s TMC, there must be an objective, or goal(s) to be achieved and measured.

A few weeks ago, I wrote in this TMC about podcasts and recommended some I listen to. One is Chatter That Matters with Tony Chapman. One of his interviews in the early summer was with Joe Pine. Joe spoke about “The 4 E’s of Great Experiences.” I could not agree more with Joe. He said that, for an experience to be great, it must have these four elements.

  • It must be entertaining.
  • It must be educational.
  • It must deliver some form of escapism.
  • It must be esthetical.

Great experiences in sponsorship programs don’t just magically happen. They must be planned and well executed to be great. Having The Four E’s of Great Experiences embedded in your sponsorship programs will help you deliver great experiences.

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