Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

It is sometimes hard to describe what I do for a living and what the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® does. It is especially hard to describe succinctly—in a short enough conversation that someone can understand what we do, and how we can help them or someone they know—in less than 30 seconds. They call it the “elevator pitch.” From the time you and someone else get into an elevator to the time when one of you gets off five or so floors later, can you describe what you do effectively?

My wife often says she still does not know what I do for as living. It is hard to explain when people ask her, “What does Brent do?” So here is my elevator pitch.

We assist non-profits, charities, pro and amateur sport, and municipalities that have marketing assets such as naming rights to buildings or associations to their brands, audience, or programs and events like galas and festivals to make more money. And we help the small, medium, and large businesses who invest in these sponsorships yield better ROI on those marketing investments than they have in the past.

How does that sound to you? I’m not sure if it is truly effective, but it does, I believe, convey enough information that the person I am sharing a ride with can say, “Hey, maybe he can help me and my business/organization.”  I spoke with some others about my elevator pitch and what they look for in such a dialogue. Here are a few nuggets for when you are working on your elevator pitch.

  1. Make sure your message is authentic, passionate, and truthful, while at the same time, concise and understandable.
  2. As the old saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” Make sure your elevator pitch is good!
  3. It should be no more than 30 seconds long.
  4. Mention your target audience. To whom do you provide services? Who do you help make successful?
  5. Now that they know who you are and who your target audience is, tell them about your product. What do you do that will help them?
  6. And, if you can—at the end, tell them the outcome. What is the result that your clients receive when they work with you? I note that the selling properties make money and the sponsors get better ROI.

Any other suggestions on what might be part of a successful elevator pitch? And remember—all in under 30 seconds!

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