Engaged Conversation

Engaged Conversation

We all know that people buy from people they like and trust. Sponsorship is a relationship game. It is not transactional.  We need to build trust with our partners. We need product that will help them achieve their goals and we must engage with them from discovery session through negotiation, implementation, fulfilment review, and renewal. This means we must be effectively and efficiently engaged in conversation. Here are Five Tips for More Engaged Conversations.

  1. When you are in a large diverse group of people (your team, your partner’s team, operations people, and management, etc.), say, “Thank you” and “That is a really good point” as much as you can. Appreciating others’ input and feedback, even if you are not 100% on board, builds trust. Then they will listen to your perspective as well. Your appreciation of others levels the playing field.
  • When you meet someone for the first time, say, “I am so glad to meet you” or even “You look familiar.” As humans, we are programmed to be social. The need to belong is critical. In fact, it is more powerful than the need for safety. So, when you make someone feel wanted and that they belong, you are building inclusion, trust, and the beginning of a strong relationship.
  • When you are talking with someone, look them in the eye. Smile when you speak. Display meaningful facial expressions like surprise, happiness, and comfort/empathy. Let the people with whom you are interacting know you are engaged and authentic by showing that you are listening and care.
  • The best way to solve a difficult problem is to begin by saying, “Tell me your thoughts” or “Tell me what you think.” By doing so, you are breaking down barriers and allowing the person to feel safe in sharing. Make it safe and comfortable for them to be transparent. Encourage people to speak up and have opinions. The key is to connect.
  • The art of persuasion is mastered by remaining silent. The key is to listen first. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and take a walk from their perspective. Understand their needs. By showing empathy toward their needs and situation, you build trust and bonding. This allows you to persuade.

These five proven tips will help you to build relationships, increase trust, and become more successful! As Mike Puglia noted “Establishing trust is better than any sales technique.”

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