Events Calendar

AFP Edmonton Presentation
Jan 15 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Brent Barootes presents at the AFP Edmonton Luncheon and an afternoon workshop immediately following!  Check the event website for information on how to attend!

Luncheon Session Topic:

Work Life Balance is not a reality… Success comes in work and life when you make it Integrated!

This luncheon address will look at the busy lives of fundraisers and how we are all pulled from so many angles, both a work and home. Everyone talks about trying to “get work – life balance” but is it really achievable? Come hear Brent Barootes present his successful work – life integration philosophy and how this can make your daily routine way less stressful. It is a mindset not a structure and the silos have to go!

Workshop Session Topic:

Securing the Deal – How to Negotiate with Success

Every day we are all sales people. Whether we are selling our kids to wear certain clothing or eat that spinach salad; be it trying to sell our spouse on a three week trip to Europe versus another summer holiday at his parent’s cottage with all his brothers and sisters in remote northern Manitoba; to buying a new car or house; or trying to close the big sponsorship deal for your gala or event. Every day we each negotiate and as fundraisers, we are sales people. We are helping to raise money and in sponsorship we need to often negotiate because it is a business deal. Learn that great negotiation produces two winners not a winner and a loser. Understand the techniques and concepts to successful negotiation and how to apply to your job and your life. This two and a half hour workshop will provide you with the skills and tools to deliver win-win outcomes from all your negotiations!

FFWD Advertising & Marketing Week 2015
Jan 26 – Jan 30 all-day

Brent Barootes presents at Advertising & Marketing Week!  Stay tuned to the event website for session times.  Here’s a sneak peak at Brent’s session information:

Sponsorship Today – What It Means to the Marketing World

Today sponsorship and experiential marketing accounts for 29% of planned marketing budget expenditures in Canada according to the 2014 Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study. Why has this sector exploded for buyers and sellers? What do Canadian think about corporate sponsorship and the brands that engage in it. What role does CSR play in this and how is that changing? This one hour session will touch on the changing world of sponsorship in Canada and how it affects both agencies and brands and what we can learn from abroad. The session will also share proprietary research form the 2014 Consumer Sponsorship Rankings and case studies. Understand further the landscape today, what has changed and how sponsorship can be measured for ROI just like any other channel!

Niagara Sport Industry Congress
Feb 3 – Feb 5 all-day

Stay tuned for more details!

Association of Alberta Agricultural Societies (AAAS) Conference
Feb 6 – Feb 8 all-day
Fuse Social (Discovery and Proposals Workshop)
Mar 26 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

This full day sponsorship marketing training workshop will deliver key elements in regards to sponsorship proposal development and discovery sessions. Those attending will learn the important questions to ask corporate sponsor prospects and how these questions differ from the philanthropic questions. The session will ensure delegates understand these questions and their importance.
From this initial knowledge and a quick overview of the sponsorship marketing landscape in Canada, registrants will take this knowledge and understanding to learn how to apply it and build proposals that will sell. The session will present and provide the tools and understanding around successful proposal development formula that has resulted in so much revenue achievement for those that use it.
Facilitated By: Brent Barootes
Brent Barootes has spent over 25 years in the industry developing and delivering profitable sponsorship programs resulting in an above average return on investment for both properties and sponsors. His expertise includes sponsorship valuations and audits, inventory/benefit development, package development, and mentoring of staff and volunteers. Brent has worked in sponsorship consulting with such corporations as Gulf Canada Resources, Solid State Geophysical, Sport Chek, SaskEnergy, Rogers, SaskTel, Smith Insurance, Toshiba Canada, Coca-Cola, SGI, Savon Foods, SaskPower and others. Brent is an accomplished speaker who presents regularly at conferences and seminars across North America on a variety of sponsorship and related topics.

Sport Events Congress 2015
Mar 30 – Apr 2 all-day

The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance is a tourism industry led organization that promotes sport tourism as an economic development initiative at the community level.  The CSTA services over 400 members across Canada, including 140 municipalities, 200+ national & provincial sport, multi-sport and major games organizations and variety of other sport and tourism industry partners.  Sport tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry with approximately $3.6 billion in annual spending.

For more information contact:

Rick Traer, CEO, Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
Tel: 613-688-5843

Marwayne Agricultural Society
Apr 14 all-day

Brent will be speaking at this private event.

CCAE Workshop Presentation – Toronto
Apr 22 @ 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Brent Barootes presents the following full day workshop to the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education.

Participants in this CCAE Workshop will learn about:

  • The differences between philanthropy and corporate sponsorship, and how these factors affect cultivation and proposal development.
  • The need for cultivation-and-discovery sessions, and how they differ from the traditional philanthropy cultivation process.
  • The paradigm shift required in a targeted corporate sponsorship proposal versus the traditional philanthropic “ask”.

Attend this CCAE Workshop to gain:

  • A clear understanding of the difference between philanthropy and sponsorship.
  • How to adapt Alumni and Development shops to maximize revenue from a variety of channels.
  • Take-away tools that can be used the very next day to tailor corporate discovery sessions and proposal development.

Who should attend:

  • Vice-President or Executive Director-level advancement leaders
  • Senior Development Officers
  • Alumni Relations staff
  • Event staff
Alberta Parks & Recreation Association (ARPA) Workshop
May 5 all-day

Stay tuned for more details!

Alberta Parks & Recreation Association (ARPA) Workshop
May 7 all-day

Stay tuned to the organizer website for more details!