Goverment of Saskatchewan Invests in Arts and Culture

Business for the Arts (BftA) and the Government of Saskatchewan are excited to announce a new partnership that will see artsVest, Business for the Arts’ flagship matching grant program, operating across Saskatchewan over the next two years. artsVest is a sponsorship training and matching incentive program, based in Toronto and using British trainers presently at their Calgary programs, that will be delivered in Saskatchewan with funding from the Government of Saskatchewan and Canadian Heritage, with support from SaskCulture, Inc.

The program, which will hopefully build lasting partnerships between cultural organizations and businesses across Saskatchewan, will provide $300,000 for training and operational costs as well as $700,000 in matching incentive grants to help cultural organizations generate new private sector support.

Business for the Arts estimates that approximately 120 culture organizations will form partnerships with an estimated 260 businesses over the next two years in Saskatchewan – stimulating over $1 million in private sector investment.

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