How to Write a Better Blog/Article

How to Write a Better Blog/Article

Are you a good writer? I am not sure if someone was trying to tell me something about my TMCs or not, but I recently received some advice on how to write a better blog. I read through the points and have done my best to put all (OK, most—OK, some) into practice. I think they apply not only to a blog like the TMC, but to any article, content for a fundraising case for support, or selling internally the idea of getting into sponsorship more professionally.

I thought I would share these 10 tips with you.

  1. Open with questions that get the reader to say, “Yes.”
  2. Double tap the “Enter” button every 1-3 sentences.
  3. Bold your key benefits.
  4. Isolate important information using bullet points.
  5. Start sentences with “Imagine,” “Remember,” or “Picture this.”
  6. Incorporate the word “because” as often as possible.
  7. Convert sentences to active voice.
  8. Rewrite everything in the second person.
  9. Count your adverbs and then cut that number in half.
  10. Amend your call-to-action to be a call-to-value. (Don’t just say “DONATE”—say “HELP THE CHILDREN.”)

Let me know how my TMC stacks up based on these tips. Also, if you have other tips, feel free to share them directly with me or on the web.

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