Learning Sponsorship

Learning Sponsorship

I am forever learning. Each day, I spend time online reading articles, and gaining more knowledge and information about sponsorship, marketing, sales, and management. To ensure my continued growth and understanding of new trends and face-to-face opportunities, I attend conferences, workshops, and networking. And yes, they will be getting rescheduled and we will be having such conferences again as we put Covid 19 to bed! It is at these face-to-face events that I personally have learned the most. I soak up all I can from the speakers. I do my best to connect and engage with them. I also learn from the in-person interaction with other delegates. Last year, I attended over 25 events (conferences, workshops, and networking) and it has paid off. I received lots of ideas for these weekly TMCs; was able to connect with past clients to learn how their sponsorship programs are going, cultivate prospects in the funnel already as well as add new ones, and most importantly, come away with up-to-date trends, information, and expert knowledge that is dispensed from the front of so many rooms.

As a sponsorship-specific content opportunity, I love to attend the Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada – SMCC events. These interactive networking opportunities typically provide some great short high-level professional development. Toronto has prior to Covid 19 hosted a regular morning breakfast forum on the third Wednesday of each month in Downtown Toronto. Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal schedule similar lunch or evening sessions on a periodic basis. Be sure to check out and sign up for the alerts so you can attend when you are in one of those four markets when these too all resume.

For more in-depth professional development, I would highly recommend the Western Sponsorship Congress – WSC. With independent events in Edmonton (WSC Alberta), Ottawa (WSC Ontario – Ottawa Forum), and Toronto (WSC Ontario–Toronto Forum), and over 60 speakers, the 5 Minute Pitch® interactive panel session with participants vying for $100,000 in potential mock sponsorship dollars from Canada’s top brands, the Knowledge Café session with small group interactions with industry leaders, and so much more, these are conferences you don’t want to miss. Each event also offers more workshops such as Sponsorship 101 Boot Camps, municipal-focused workshops and streams, as well as others on activation and proposal development. Be sure to register for at least one of these events as they sell out quickly. Check it all out at the Western Sponsorship Congress – WSC .

With so much professional development available between the SMCC and WSC events, you need to make sure you and your team are receiving the ongoing education, professional development, and networking needed to stay ahead of the competition. Investment in your staff’s professional development is critical to your organization’s future.

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