Marking Milestones

Marking Milestones

Milestones are important. Big events, especially during times like these, are reason to celebrate. Little events are just as important to celebrate. We all applaud the close of a deal or the success of a program investment. But milestones to celebrate, in my book, include the fact that you actually got a meeting with that elusive Community Investment Manager or Sponsorship Director. We encourage our clients to celebrate with their team when they have acquired all the information they need (objectives, goals, budget, past history, ROI measurement metrics to be implemented, ideation on activation plans etc.) to be able to put together a winning sponsorship marketing proposal rather than just the presentation of the proposal. The celebration might be for getting the in-house approval from the CMO or President of the company to move forward in discussions. This doesn’t mean you need to have a big party and cheer from the roof tops… but take time, you or you and your team to acknowledge the milestone, big or small, that has been met.

Another area to celebrate that I have always thought was important (other than birthdays… especially because those come with cake) is timeline milestones. Such things as marriage anniversaries or special dates. For instance, my wife and I had our first date together on a Friday the thirteenth. Then we were engaged on a Friday the 13th. The engagement was not planned or centred around a Friday the 13th… that just happen to be the night we had theatre tickets for a post theatre dinner reservation for. But as a result, we planned our wedding for a Friday the 13th. So, we celebrate whenever a Friday the 13th appears in the calendar. In 24 years, we have not missed a Friday the 13th date night! But also think of dates of staff milestones… I always to try reach out to staff or past staff on the anniversary of the day they first started work for us. Other they can celebrate themselves and their milestone years with their employer. Again, it is important to celebrate or at least acknowledge these milestone timelines.

These milestones provide us with a time to think and reflect. A terrific opportunity to look back at accomplishments, review goals and objectives and where we stand with them. With the summer the way it was, I was able to do a lot of that. And it was a great time to reflect. This month has three timeline milestones for me. And all three are exciting.

Last week when I published this TMC (Tuesday Morning Commentary) it was the 11th consecutive year that I have been writing and publishing this weekly commentary / blog (and sometimes rant platform). So today is number 573. I can tell you I never thought about numbers like 573 or 11 years. I thought back then and think still today about ‘what can I share with others that will help them in their week?’. Each week I look to share insights, knowledge and direction (and the occasional rant) with those that open and read this article. Foe those of you that have followed this weekly (or occasionally) commentary for the last 11 year and those of you that might be new subscribers (and everyone in between), thanks for reading. And for those that share your feedback, whether in support or opposition to what I have expressed, thank you for sharing, It is those notes from readers and knowing each week that so many people open and read this that provides me with the motivation to continue to write and publish.

Second on the list of milestones this month is a personal milestone. This month I enter my 60th year on this earth. I am genuinely excited about this. The age part does not bother me. I am blessed with good health, a loving family, a supportive network of friends and family and amazing clients. I rise each day thrilled to be alive. I love the work that I do and am supported with so many great clients that we can assist to be successful. I am extremely excited about some new opportunities, announcements, products, and services that will all launch this fall (hopefully). So, as I enter my 60th year I feel like a kid in a candy store – I have the energy and curiosity of a youngster combined with the motivation to continue to serve, explore, lead and innovate.

And finally, the third great milestone for me this month is that the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® is entering its 20th consecutive year of operation serving our clients. We are so excited to be entering a milestone year like 20!  I spent a great deal of time this summer thinking back to some of our clients in the very early years and how they have become trusted friends and confidants over the years. I looked back at the growth and success of so many organizations we have worked with over this time. But mostly I looked to the future and where and how the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® will go and thrive in the next 20 years and beyond. And as I indicated above, it is a very exciting future ahead. Several new products and service and announcement to come in the months ahead that will continue to show the industry leadership and innovation that we have for so long demonstrated and will continue to deliver to our clients and the sector.

Mark your milestones. Celebrate them. Enjoy them. Share them with others. It is all part of continuing to grow and be successful. And please remember to stay HIPS! (Healthy, Isolate when possible, Physical distancing from others and Safe!)

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  1. 11 years! Congratulations!

    • Thanks Jim!! Hope you are well and “keeping busy”… whatever that means these days….


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