Motivating Yourself

Motivating Yourself

Do you enjoy reading the TMC? I hope so—I like writing it. As of today, I have published a TMC once a week for nine years. That is 468 articles. What motivates me to publish them every single week? I don’t earn a living from them. I don’t get international recognition and speaking gigs from them. So, why do it do it?

It is important to sit down and figure out why you do things. What motivates you to do them? For me, it is simple. I write the TMC because it is my way of giving back. Perhaps, I have a little bit of knowledge or some insight that might be helpful to someone else. I don’t use the TMC as a platform for political or social rhetoric (for the most part—sure, there is a rant or two every once in a while).  I write it because I feel it might help someone, somewhere, sometime. And what keeps me motivated?—the emails and posts that I receive. I feel it is all worthwhile when I get notes that say, “This was perfect. It motivated me today. Just what I needed,” “The timing was perfect. I shared this with my boss who just doesn’t get it. Thanks for the TMC this week” or “I liked those suggestions. Here is another one I use. I hope you can benefit from it as I do your suggestions.” When I know I am making a difference, I feel motivated.

In our sponsorship industry, it is tough. We work in hills and valleys with events, schedules, and ups and downs. It is important to keep motivated when the tickets to your production are not selling, your sports team has had two bad seasons in a row, or politics are getting in the way of success for you and your clients. At the other end of the scale, when everything is going right, it is AMAZING. When I was on the street selling sponsorships every day, I stayed motivated knowing my product made a difference. No matter if it was a pro sports team or a charity, I believed in my product. I knew, when used right, it would help my clients make more money. If I could not believe that, I could not continue to sell it.

We all have ups and downs. My ongoing motivation for success has always been in believing that what I am selling will have a positive effect on the buyer. Whether that is our services through the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists®, selling a customized sponsorship package, or writing a TMC, the motivation that keeps me going is the knowledge that I can make a difference.

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