Music Festivals Have Urgent Need to Diversify Funds

Interesting story about the cut back from the Feds for music festivals in Ottawa.

This is nothing new as far as I am concerned. All levels of government have been cutting back for several years now. The savvy music festivals and events have chosen to diversify revenue channels and focus on corporate sponsorship as a major revenue opportunity.

Those doing corporate sponsorship right today are benefitting.

Those who are “peddling packages” and crying “woe is me, the government cut my funding please help me” are not doing so well.

I believe, run your event as a business not a charity – and you will do a lot better.

There is great training out there for music festivals and other events to learn from including the upcoming April SMCC Conference in Toronto and one day workshops and training across the country on sponsorship, for a list of training opportunties please visit

Those that do it right, do well. Those that fail to do it right, fail. Darwinism at its finest.

These are just one person’s thoughts. What do you think is the future for music festivals?

by Brent Barootes

Read the article from the Ottawa Citizen on cutback of grant dollars.


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