Ongoing Learning

Ongoing Learning

Last week, the WSC—Alberta Forum was amazing! With over 20 different presenters, over 100 registered delegates, and a ton of learning, it was one of the best conferences I have attended this year. I wanted to take some time this week to recap some of what I took away from the day and-a-half event. Here are eight key take-aways.

  • The Trinity of Sponsorship is becoming more important than ever as properties and their sponsors realize that audiences now have a say (through social media) in sponsorship deals. If they like the deals, they will soar. If they don’t, they will collapse before they really launch!
  • There is more to ROI than just bottom-line sales—sometimes it is brand image or the culture of an organization that is the important outcome.
  • Further emphasis that we are in a relationship business not a transactional one and those who don’t understand that will pay the price.
  • The critical role of discovery sessions to be able to truly build a customized sponsorship proposal and what goes into a great proposal.
  • A terrific presentation by Julian Franklin on the importance of employee engagement and buy-in to truly successful sponsorship programs.
  • Understanding what culture change really means when looking at a sponsorship-centric organization.
  • How to use heartstrings to leverage sponsor profile and ROI.
  • Great feedback from brands on what they are looking for in activation, ROI, and proposals!

Thanks to Timewise Event Management, their staff, and sponsors for making it all happen! Thanks also to the presenters, and of course, the delegates. I am excited and looking forward to 2018!

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