Overcoming Objectives

Overcoming Objectives

Have you ever heard these lines before: “I don’t have any budget left,” “Sponsorship doesn’t work,” “I already support the organization in other ways.” These are all objections to buying. So, how do you overcome objectives?

As Zig Ziglar once said, “Every sale has five obstacles—no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, and no trust.” If you know which objection you need to overcome, then you are well on your way. That is half the battle. This is what discovery sessions are all about. If you can determine that there is no sense of urgency to buy, then figure out how to make this important enough to buy now. If there is no need or desire, you need to educate (if you believe there is a need and you can help them grow and succeed). If they have no money, can you finance? What other approach can you take—VIK, deferred or staggered payments, or next year’s budget? But if there is no trust, you are in trouble. You need to build trust before they will buy.

I have always said that sponsorship is not about selling packages or programs—it is about providing solutions. So we need to understand their business, determine their areas of need, and then solve those problems with your solutions. When you can solve their problems (lack of employee engagement, lack of brand recognition, PR issues, slow sales, production issues, recruitment, or retention), they will trust you and you will overcome all the objections and get the business.

Recently, I saw a great passage on this. It went something like this: “When encountering obstacles, do we reason with them, go around or argue against them? Too often, we do these things as if every obstacle was an immovable foe in need of conquering. People aren’t obstacles, though they often appear rigid. Most people want to be open to our help, to our interaction. Most people are likeable and might like us too. Everyone is in a hurry. Start with caring about them. Support them any way you can to get them where they are going. That builds trust. Trust is essential to having any chance of doing any business with anyone.”

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