Power Dodge Purchases Curling Rink’s Naming Rights

Power Dodge and the Estevan Curling Club have officially celebrated Power Dodge purchasing the naming rights for the curling rink’s building.  Power Dodge has purchased the rights for $250,000 for the next 10 years (or $25,000/year).

“We thought it was a great idea for the community, and just another way to show our support,” said Power Dodge dealer principal Trevor Knibbs.  He commented that the arrangement has worked out well thus far. He is pleased with the signage on the exterior of the building and inside the lobby, as well as the Power Dodge logo that was painted on one of the rings for Sheet 3.

The building will be known as the Power Dodge Curling Centre, but the Estevan Curling Club will still be the name of the operating organization.

“They have been a great supporter of curling in Estevan for quite a few years now,” said curling club president Rico Tomsha. “They have now made a large commitment to curling in this community.”

The curling club decided to sell the naming rights for the building so that they could raise some money, Tomsha said.  The $250,000 figure was chosen based on what other buildings in the community were sold for. Tomsha cited the Icon Centre (formerly the Lignite Miners Centre) as an example; he believes it was sold for $250,000.

“It’s very much the norm in our community, with buildings or fields being named after companies or individuals,” said curling rink manager Pauline Ziehl-Grimsrud.

Ziehl-Grimsrud said that Estevan is likely one of the first curling rinks in the country to sell the naming rights for its building, and they have received nation-wide recognition and interest. She expects that it will become a trend for the sport.

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