Presenting Multiple Options to a Prospect

Presenting Multiple Options to a Prospect

Back in October 2021, I wrote a TMC on building proposals that work I had several questions about it from readers. I thought one of them might be of particular interest to everyone. It was a great question, so I am going to share it with you. It was from a regular reader Josh McKernan.

From Josh

Hey Brent, as you know, I often preach the customization model to my colleagues. Many of them like the packages because (I’m sure you have heard this countless times before) they “look clean and neat.”


Have you ever had clients do semi-customized packages? (Have a package created that lets the sponsor choose their top 2-3 assets and have the remaining few in “stock form”?) Great read, as always!

My Reply

Josh, as soon as you let a prospect choose their own assets, you are in trouble. By creating a menu of assets, they will not get the benefit of your expertise with your own organization. That is like a doctor saying, “Here is what you need to do because everyone with a stomach ache should be doing this if they have a sore tummy, whether it is indigestion, cancer, ulcer, etc., (which is wrong), and by the way, here are three drugs you could take. Let me know which one you would like and I will write the prescription.”

The key here, Josh, is the discovery. Understand their specific needs and then it is fine to build them 2-3 detailed and customized options, but as long as you are offering a selection of assets (versus a selection of customized integrated programs), you are like a doctor giving the option to select the prescription from a list.

The doctor should say, “If we know this is an ulcer, here are three different drugs and the  reasons we recommend how each will support fixing your ulcer, some faster, some more harmful,  but effective, while another is more natural and less corrosive to your body, but will need to be repeated every six months.” You need to provide options with an explanation of how to solve the diagnosed problem, not just a list of assets (or drugs).

I hope that helps.

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