Professional Development

Professional Development

Last week, I attended a conference in Toronto. I took away three key learnings.

Learning is ongoing. I had the opportunity to refresh things I already “knew,” but over time have taken for granted and needed to reapply. I also learned some interesting approaches to activations and engagement beyond the ordinary. Finally, I learned that I need to sit in the audience more, and listen and learn. It is so beneficial.

  • Relationships are critical for success. During these two days, I rekindled some relationships that had drifted, enhanced some relationships that were ongoing, and created several new ones. Through this networking and relationship development, in the past week I have secured two new pieces of business. If it was not for relationships, this would not have occurred, as they were looking at a competitor as their consultant, but we won the business—and with no proposal!
  • Face-to-Face is imperative. This event reconfirmed what I already knew—being face to face is essential. Sure, there are lots (and lots more since March 2020 and COVID) of things you can accomplish through phone, email, social, and Zoom, but nothing beats a face-to-face experience. The learning was more engaged, there was good networking, and the opportunity for “crosstalk” was available. It made for much interaction!

Next month, I am at the WSC – Alberta Forum in Edmonton. My takeaways from last week will be substantially scaled-up with this lineup of speakers and topics.

  1. A panel of industry leaders on managing activations.
  1. Hear from industry leader and ideation genius Ian Malcolm.
  1. Learn from Tapple CEO Karen Kelly about the resurgence of QR codes and the role/impact they can play with your activations, surveys, and data collection.
  1. Understand how Michelle Everett was able to get a sponsor to remove its full name from a building, extend its naming rights term for more money, and deliver better ROI for the partner!
  1. A “State of the Industry Panel” with some of Canada’s foremost thought leaders in the sector.
  1. Gain insights and front-line experiences from Lisa Munro
  1. Understand the three key elements to a successful sponsorship marketing career
  1. Profit from the knowledge and experience of Katrina Donner  from the City of Edmonton about a building naming right process managed from within versus outsourcing the sale.
  1. Discover new ideas and approaches during the sector leading event within the WSC® – The Five Minute Pitch®
  1. Participate as a “newbie” (or as a refresher for a seasoned veteran or anywhere in-between) in the interactive and engaging Sponsorship 101 Boot Camp

To be in attendance, register today as seating is almost sold out.

I hope to see and engage with you in Edmonton next month!

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