Simple Ways You Can Do Well by Doing Good

Simple Ways You Can Do Well by Doing Good

Over the last several years, I have shared some ways that you can do well yourself by doing good. As people send along their ideas on this concept, I save them, and when I have enough, I share them. Here are a few more.

  • If you can read and write, you can help someone land a job and a measure of self-sufficiency.
  • Be aware of advice from, and actions by, people who are rewarded for certain outcomes!
  • Without examples, your words are little more than abstract babble and most people ignore such clutter. Tell a story!
  • Don’t lecture an entry-level person on what it takes to be a leader and don’t bog your CEO down with details she or he doesn’t need to know!
  • Our world has become too complex for one idea or set of principles to work every time. You need blended solutions that take into account a range of diverse ideas and beliefs.
  • We are only human and we make mistakes. We see the world through our own biases and preconceptions—that’s not going to change. Let’s all be just a little humbler and more open-minded.
  • It is always sunny. The only question is how high you have to go to see it!
  • If you have boundless initiative, learn to be patient. If you have infinite patience, learn to take action. You will need both.
  • Do something 21 times and it becomes a habit. Do something 210 times and you become “lucky” to be so successful, healthy and….
  • When you help someone, you demonstrate the kind of person you are, and you are creating the kind of world in which you want to live.

Remember, doing good for others is as rewarding for you as it is for them!  Please feel free to share with me the ways you do good.

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