Small Steps to Success

Small Steps to Success

Are you successful? The really successful people I know, both inside and outside our sponsorship marketing sector, achieved their success through a series of small successes or wins along the way. They didn’t get a job and become an instant success. They had multiple wins and successes along the way bringing them to where they are today. I think each would tell you that they also had failures.

Over the years I have been in the sponsorship marketing sector (closing in on 35), I have tried to instil in others that success is a series of small wins. Recently, several great clients that I have been working with one on one have come to understand and embrace this philosophy. We need to understand that we don’t walk into a room and on first visit facilitate a multi-million dollar, multi-year partnership. That comes over time with wins along the way.

I thought I would jot down some of the wins you can expect or fenceposts you need to count as you reach the big success—the deal of a lifetime—then the next one and so on. Here are some examples our clients and I have identified.

  1. Getting through on a call, DM, or email, and getting an answer or reply
  2. Getting the first meeting
  3. Getting the second meeting
  4. Building trust and rapport
  5. Being able to see the situation from the other side of the table to build a better sponsorship program for all involved
  6. Getting support from peers within your organization to ideate for the partner
  7. Getting internal buy-in from your organization to pitch the concept
  8. Getting the close (culmination of everything that came before)
  9. Delivering successfully (not necessarily perfectly) for your partner and your team
  10. Getting the renewal

As someone noted, with just about every success along the way, there is some sort of compromise. To gain those wins along the way, both you and your partner have to make a small compromise or concession to take the program to the next level of success. It may be about money, activation, exposure, exclusivity, etc., but most wins come with some sort of compromise. A person I have followed for over 25 years and believe has a great deal of wisdom is Bill Wilson who said, “We must never lose sight of the fact that progress is nearly always characterized by a series of improving compromises.” To me, that spells success.

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  1. Great way to keep people motivated! Always focus on the next step.
    A standing ovation for the title sponsor at a charity event (with TRP in attendance) could fit in there somewhere as well! Haha

    • Josh, love it!! Great addition to the list of small steps to success and the ongoing motivation. Stay well.


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