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We would like to join and/or connect more deeply with your peers in the sponsorship and marketing community through the Sponsorship Insights Group on LinkedIn.  Sponsorship Insights Group (SIG) is the largest online social media community for sponsorship professionals and has grown so quickly because they are dedicated to helping people like all of us – buyers, sellers, students, agencies, suppliers and activators.

The group of nearly 9,000 members comes from the top positions at agencies like Octagon, Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists, BBDO, Publicis, Omnicom, WPP, DDB, IEG, IMG, WMG, AEG and more.  They come from leagues – NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, MLB, MLS, NASCAR, MMA and more.   Just about every non-profit organization from the IOC to your local Brownie Troop is also represented.  The brands come from buyers of Fortune 500 companies and their agencies.  Both physical and intellectual properties have representation and more than 30 countries have members who participate!

To learn more about our group members demographics, click here.

Members enhance their knowledge, further their careers and interact online via our discussion forums, job listings, RSS feeds and interactive polls. They are committed to being the best, free, objective business networking site for sponsorship and marketing executives on the internet.

SIG moderates every discussion and screens all applicants for approval.

Best of all, it is FREE!

To join like we have, please click on the link here.

If you know of others in the sponsorship community that may be served by this community, please share this message with them and encourage them to join as well.



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