Sponsorship Professional Development and Training

Sponsorship Professional Development and Training

Could you or a member of your team benefit from additional training and professional development? Our industry needs more great opportunities. In a recent conversation with some industry leaders, the following areas of concern arose.

  • We need to provide more in-depth training and understanding for our junior industry professionals than just 45-minute breakfast or evening social sessions.
  • We need professional development opportunities that are available across the country in multiple markets versus focused on just a single market or two.
  • We need thought-provoking discussion opportunities that allow for one-on-one discussion and socialization versus rushed experiences of training modules and sessions.
  • It is important to have brands and properties in the room together during these training and professional development opportunities.
  • We need more focus on municipalities and sponsorship than just selling naming rights—what about policy and strategy and fulfilment!

It is from this conversation and from overall industry feedback that the WSC has evolved to deliver more training and better focus than ever on industry needs. This fall, the WSC Ontario – Toronto Forum  is being held at the Boulevard Club in Toronto on October 9 and 10 with a preconference Sponsorship 101 Boot Camp and a half-day municipal sponsorship focused track.

Then on December 3 and 4, the WSC Alberta Forum will be held in Edmonton. It will host a half-day Sponsorship 101 Boot Camp as well prior to the opening on December 3.

If you and your organization want to succeed, you need to develop the rookies and also strengthen the innovation factor with senior industry leadership. Both of these will happen at the WSC 2019. These experiences will have the best in the industry to talk about best practices, to be on open mic panel discussions, and deliver keynote thought-provoking sessions, as well as breakout workshops and opportunities to network and socialize. Both events have early bird offers right now, so be sure to register for best pricing!

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