The Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study

It’s that time of year again—the time for you to participate in a very important survey. Last week, I wrote about the issues with many organizations and their analytics about what brand is worth and how they measure success. Too often, it is about “likely to buy,” “propensity to call,” or “highly likely to participate.” I don’t like those types of analytics when we are measuring success and ROI. They are great for research and planning, but not for proven outcomes for ROI purposes.

But here is some research you can and should participate in, because it is about you and for you! What’s more, it is real numbers and real outcomes research. The 9th annual Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study is now underway. This is the leading Canadian study about our industry by members of our industry. As I said, it is about you!

Each year, Norm O’Reilly from the University of Ottawa, the SMCC, the Canadian Sponsorship Forum, and TrojanOne undertake this study. They ask Canadian sponsors, selling properties, and agencies (yes… you!) about their organization’s spends, values, investments, activation, and more. It is from this research that we all benefit by learning and understanding the gaps in our industry—from activation and measurement issues, to what percentage of the sponsorship pie sectors such as sport, the arts, fairs, festivals, events, and so on get.

The preliminary results of the study will be released on April 25 in Toronto at the SMCC Annual Conference and Sponsorship Marketing Awards. The final results will be released at the Canadian Sponsorship Forum on May 24 in Saskatoon at the MasterCard Memorial Cup. It is important that you participate. Your feedback is essential. What’s more, if you participate you are eligible to receive the final results for free. Yes, you get a full copy of the study. All you have to do is participate.

Here is the link: Click on it now and be part of the process. Your participation is critical to the delivery of true and accurate numbers within our industry.

Thanks for being part of it!

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