The Role of Sponsorship

The Role of Sponsorship

Do you truly understand the role of corporate sponsorship marketing? Some will say “Yes,” others “No,” while some others will reply “Sort of.”  Some will say sponsorship is about branding. Others will say it is about alignment. Still others will say it can sell product. These are all good answers.

I heard on a podcast recently a description of exactly what sponsorship is—and I could not agree more. My friend and industry colleague Tyler Mazereeuw, who is chief revenue and marketing officer at the Canadian Football League, was rightfully credited as the person who said this. It is simple and straight forward, and truly differentiates between advertising and sponsorship.

“You use advertising media to reach an audience that you want to target with a message about your product or service. You use sponsorship to show that audience what you, the brand, and they have in common.”

Truly sponsorship, an experiential medium—not a push medium like advertising, is used most effectively when it creates that bond or unique relationship between the brand and the buyer. It highlights what you have in common (love of a charity, passion for a sport or team, the experience of a live production, etc.), and allows you to meet and engage on a different level. It is that simple!

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