Things I Wish I had Learned in School

Things I Wish I had Learned in School

Recently, I was preparing a session for a post-secondary institution second-year cohort. The class was on Sport and Event Marketing. I was there to talk about what the sport marketing and event marketing/sponsorship world is like, how I got where I am, and what they can expect in the sector. I finished with a series of tips about things they typically don’t teach in university or college, but are really useful to know, especially in this sector. Here are some of those “words of wisdom.”

  • You won’t win every battle. Understand that there are some hills you should die on and others that are just not worth it. You won’t win all the battles, so choose the ones you really want to fight!
  • Get used to “no.” It happens a lot—even when you are a seasoned veteran! You don’t always have to accept the no, but realize it will happen.
  • There is no one there to watch over you. During high school and university, mommy and daddy may have been able to step in and help, do your work for you, or get you that summer job. Get used to diving into the deep end without a life jacket. You won’t drown—you will learn to tread water quickly though!
  • It’s OK to pay dues. Take those crap jobs, go get coffee, etc. Pay your dues and you will learn a ton more than jumping in farther up the food chain.
  • The “price of admission” for a job that you love may make you swallow hard. Dig deep and pay for it!
  • Learn how to take criticism. People will have differing opinions. Some may even have more knowledge than you (like your boss). The purpose of criticism is for you to learn and become better.
  • Be kind to others and support them in their goals. You will reap even greater rewards!
  • It is a lot of hard work, but if you want to be in this sector (or any sector for that matter), the hard work will pay off.

If you have some thoughts on this, please share them with me. What do you wish you had learned when you were in school that was not taught? I may just integrate them into my next guest lecturer role!

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