Understanding Success

Understanding Success

In our industry we often try to define success or claim we have “reached” success. Sometimes that is around a budget or closing a deal or an activation that meets goals and objectives. I follow a lot of blogs online and articles, mostly through LinkedIn. I recently ran across a definition of success by entrepreneur James Clear who wrote “Success s not a goal or a finish line to cross. It is a system to improve, an endless process to refine.”

I think about the “success” of our clients. I think about the network of people I know who are “successful”. And those who I fit into those categories don’t rest once a goal has been achieved. They continue to learn; to strive and to get better. They work even harder to deliver better ROI; they attend industry training as leaders and send their juniors to events like the WSC Alberta Forum.

Success is part of the continued learning; a continued goal to excel; a continued desire to be different and not rest on your laurels. Those are people that I would say are successful… and to stay successful they need to continue to break barriers and goals!  Success has no time to look in the rear-view mirror, it is important to understand the commitment of “what have you done for me today?” Success is ongoing… please join me on the track to success!

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