What Have You Done for Me Today?

What Have You Done for Me Today?

Last month I was working with a new client. They had a pretty “hot shot” sponsorship person. He “knew everyone” in town and was “well connected”. He had just closed a couple of big deals and he was “the employee of the month” two months in a row. He was the superstar. The “just closed” timeline though was about eight months earlier. He continued to talk about how he had closed the largest two deals the organization had ever received. He spoke about all the success he had had at his previous property. I have been working with him on trying to channel his “success” into more success. Nothing seemed to work… it was all about “the glory days”.

Then I said to this young man the Rent Axiom by Rory Vaden… Success is never owned. It is rented and the rent is due everyday!

Enough said… then with him and now, here.

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  1. Very true. As my Father would say, “eaten bread is soon forgotten”. Resting on laurels kills progress.

    • Jim,

      Thanks. I love the “eaten bread is soon forgotten”! Hope all is well and you are relaxing!

  2. It is difficult to move ahead, to think fresh thoughts, to try new ideas when people are focused on past glories.

    Dr. Joseph Juran encouraged us all to keep the projects coming, to increase the rate at which new ideas are rolled out and properly implemented.

    • Jane,
      So very true. Hard to have fresh thoughts when you focus on past glories. Thanks for reading and your feedback. Brent


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