Why Sponsorships Work

Why Sponsorships Work

I often get asked why I think sponsorship works? People working for brands ask, “Why should I invest in sponsorship?”

It may be a non-profit, membership organization, municipality, charity, or sport organization. They ask, “Why should we get into sponsorship? Does it really work for the sponsors?”

My answer to the first question, of course, is “yes.” My answer to the second is varied. Why does sponsorship work? I could make this a very long TMC and find at least 30 reasons why sponsorship works. But I will spare you that. Instead, I will give you what I have coined “The Top Four Reasons Why Sponsorship Works.”

  1. Engagement – Sponsorship engages people. Other forms of marketing intrude on your experience. When done right, sponsorship enhances the experience. As a sponsor, you can engage directly with and audience one-on-one or in groups. You can touch, feel, and hold the fan or consumer.
  2. Targeted – Sponsorship allows you to target an audience segment. You know that the people at the theatre like theatre; the folks at the gala support the cause, etc. Though demographics may differ (which a traditional medium can deliver), sponsorship brings those together who are one and the same.
  3. Brand building – In addition to allowing for experiential opportunities that enhance experiences to a targeted audience, sponsorship builds brand affinity. An ad online or in the paper can build brand, but not with the same loyalty as sponsorship. If I love that race car driver and your brand sponsors him, I stick with your brand based on loyalty.
  4. Traffic driving – Like any good marketing channel, sponsorship can drive traffic. Be it to the web or the bricks and mortar store or place of business, sponsorship drives traffic. When people are engaged, show affinity to your brand, have sampled your product, and like it, they come to buy your products.

There are lots of reasons why sponsorship works—these are just five. Why not share your thoughts on why sponsorship works with me or on the blog?

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