ATB Financial and Fringe Theatre Adventures Announce New Partnership

Earlier this month the Fringe Theatre Adventures and ATB Financial announced an exciting new partnership in the city of Edmonton. Through this partnership ATB Financial is the Lead Partner and Sponsor of The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival and The ATB Financial Arts Barns. This five-year commitment sees ATB Financial making a significant investment in these two areas of Fringe Theatre Adventures’ operations, for a mutually beneficial return.

Sam Jenkins, Fringe Theatre Adventures Board Chair commented at the ceremony; “As we recently concluded our 13-year lead partnership with TransAlta, we find ourselves at a new and exciting juncture. We are thrilled to announce The Arts Barns – one of Edmonton’s premiere theatre facilities – will now be named The ATB Financial Arts Barns and that the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival’s Lead Partner and Sponsor is now officially ATB Financial. We are extremely pleased that ATB Financial has committed to supporting and further developing our mandate as we move into a multi-year partnership together.

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