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Managing your sponsorship program during Covid 19 – March 26, 2020 Webinar with Jennifer Bishop from the Toronto Region Board of Trade

Partnership Group – Covid 19 Sponsorship Tips for Success

Brent Barootes on Brent Barootes

Brent Barootes Sponsorship Group video

Winning With a Sales Culture presented by the CSTA (Webinar)

CAMA 2015 Session Recap | Brent Barootes | Municipal Sponsorship Overview

CAMA 2015 Gary Dewar | City of Edmonton Perspective on Municipal Sponsorship

Gary Dewar is a Municipal Sector Advisor to the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists

THE PERFECT PITCH: Selling Your Story Effectively to Sponsors

This fun session a la Dragon’s Den featured sellers pitching, sponsors spending and audience participation! The unique format created a mock “pitch and buy” session where each seller had five minutes to present their case and pitch why a sponsor should invest in their event or other arts/cultural “property.” Each of these industry leading professionals decided how they will spend a $50,000 mock budget they had to allocate. Once all of the industry leaders had their say, the floor was open to the audience for an opportunity to ask any panel member questions, make comments or gain further details. The session was hosted by Brent Barootes, Partnership Group – Sponsorship SpecialistsTM and was followed by a Q&A and a talk back.
Pitch Panel:
– Barry Avrich, Partner, BT/A
– Paul Joliat, Vice President, Philanthropy and Integrated Sponsorships, Sun Life Financial
– Kathie Arychuk, Senior Manager, CSR & Community Investment, ATB Financial

FFWD 2015 Session | Brent Barootes | Sponsorship Today & the Marketing World

Switch: Work Life Balance to Work Life Integration | Brent Barootes | TEDxBrentwoodCollegeSchool

Corporate Sponsorship and Municipalities – An Overview – FCM 2014

City of Nanaimo and Corporate Sponsorship – FCM 2014

City of Toronto and Corporate Sponsorship – FCM 2014

Corporate Sponsorship and Municipalities – Wrap Up and Question Period

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