The Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists™ offer ‘One Day Workshops’ that have been developed and designed based on feedback from industry professionals and are delivered by Partnership Group experts with 25+ years in sponsorship marketing.  Each one day workshop is a focused, “roll up your sleeves” practical, hands-on training session covering a specific aspect of sponsorship including: Inventory Development, Sponsorship Asset Valuation, Prospecting and Getting Meetings, Discovery Sessions, Proposal Building, Fulfilment, Activation and Sponsor Summits.


“What Do You Have To Sell To Sponsors + What Is It Really Worth?”

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The day will focus on assisting you to determine what you may have within your organization to actually sell that is worth real value to a sponsor or prospect. It will look beyond the traditional “hanging of a banner” or “logo inclusion” inventory benefits into what companies are seeking from you in a sponsorship package of assets and benefits. It will provide you with the tools, systems and real life experience and scenarios to seek out within your organization new and unique items that you may have to sell and “build an inventory of benefits” that sponsors want to buy.

The day will then continue by teaching you to actually determine and place “real market value” for each and every one of your inventory benefits and assets, be they tangible or intangible. This part of the day will utilize industry accepted standards and formulas for calculating value to ensure you walk away with the necessary tools to value your own property assets.

This full day session will be a hands-on interactive workshop that will engage delegates both during lecture and in break-out groups to build and value inventory. This is a must attend workshop for any organization seeking to generate more revenue.the day will utilize industry accepted standards and formulas for calculating value to ensure you walk away with the necessary tools to value your own property assets.


“Prospecting + Discovery Sessions”

The day will focus on how to determine who your prospects are, how to differentiate between “prospects” and “suspects” and what to do once you have the meeting secured. There will be a review of industry trending and how it affects sponsors and their objectives and why this is critical in prospect development.

The day will continue to provide tools and training through group discussion sessions and role playing on how to secure a first meeting and then what to actually do when you have that meeting. And NO, not pitch! Through a series of important key industry examples, lecture and hands on development, delegates will leave this one day session with a clearer understanding and the tools to prospect successfully, to target the right people for meetings and how to get and deliver the meeting itself. This is a must attend one day workshop for any organization seeking to generate more revenue.


“Building Proposals that Sell”

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The day will focus on how to take the knowledge you have about your organization and apply it to custom building proposals for sponsors that will sell. If you or your organization are tired of getting rejections or have a closing ration of less than 75%, this is a must attend workshop. This workshop will provide you with the tools, insight, training and break out session interactive group work to successfully deliver a much higher closing rate than you presently have. Most who follow these approaches and suggestions will maintain a closing rate of 75% or higher.

Do you presently have a series of “Gold, Silver and Bronze” packages that seem to incite sponsors to say “no”? Do your sponsor packages ramble on about your organization and fail to excite sponsors on how they can benefit from investing with your organization? Do you understand the acronym WIIFM and how it applies to sponsors? If you answered yes, yes and no, then this one day workshop is critical for you to attend.

Through case studies, industry examples, break out sessions with hands on proposal development combined with a presenter who can live and breathe proposal development you are sure to have a whole new understanding of sponsorship proposals. You will leave the workshop with new ideas, creative approaches and systems and formats to building custom proposals for prospects that will ensure a higher closing ratio for you and greater bottom line revenue success.


The focus of this session will include the important components of a successful sponsorship fulfillment plan including sample fulfillment reports, standards and tracking systems.

In addition, the session will instruct you on how to work effectively with sponsors to activate their sponsorship benefits to be advantageous to all parties. This segment will include case studies, hands on work groups and allow participants to leave with ideas and tools for success.

Finally, the importance and role of “sponsor summits” is discussed, reviewing the good, the bad and the ugly and ensuring your sponsor summits yield incremental revenue for your property and your sponsor.

This session is a “must attend event” for any organization (sport, municipality, charity, non-profit, member association, conference, special event, tournament, gala, festival, concert or otherwise) that engages in raising money for sponsorship.

For more information on group, private or public workshops for your organization to be part of, contact us for more information.

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