We focus on five main areas that are critical to your sponsorship success:


  • Asset Identification: identify what you have to sell or are buying and what it’s worth
  • Review or develop an overall sponsorship strategy
  • Review or build a sponsorship evaluation strategy
  • Staff training and ongoing mentoring
  • Consulting as needed or ongoing

We have an extensive list of offerings for Corporate Brands and Rights Holders/ Properties to meet your needs and your budget. We work with our clients to build a custom package of services to meet any sponsorship challenge. Here is a brief overview of our services and offerings. We look forward to discussing how we can help make you successful in sponsorship!


Asset Identification

Many selling organizations are missing revenue opportunities or are not maximizing the sponsorship opportunities they are selling. We interview key staff, visit venues and attend events, and work to understand your business cultureto take a complete inventory of your assets that can be sponsored, and for how much. We provide further recommendations on adding and enhancing sponsorship opportunities that often result in higher revenue generation for your organization.

We use our proprietary three-step method to value your assets and ensure the most accurate and reliable valuations.


Review or Develop an Overall Sponsorship Strategy

To get it right, we need to assess your current situation.

To that end we spend a lot of time getting to know you. We immerse ourselves in your culture and climate; we meet your staff, look at your organization charts and study your marketing objectives. We peruse your policies, check out venues and take a complete inventory of your sponsorship assets.

Then we get to work.

Our team will review and develop sponsorship policies to deliver the results you want to see. We develop sponsorship strategic plans with benchmarks, an Inventory Asset Valuation and a communications outline. We help you identify prospects, review your sales process, teach you how to coordinate sponsorship programs and create a supportive culture for the sponsorship activity. We audit your infrastructure around sponsorship, reviewing your programs and staffing and train and mentor your team.

Here is a complete list of our services:

  • Sponsorship Policy Review and Development
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Audit Existing Sponsorship Programs and Staffing
  • Audit Existing Sponsorship Packages and Templates
  • Audit Existing Sponsor Partner Programs
  • Get creative with Activation
  • Develop a Sponsor Summit
  • Prospect development / lead generation


Review or Build a Sponsorship Valuation Strategy

Measuring your success will help you meet and even exceed your goals and pave the way for your organization to become even more competitive. We help brands and properties make sure their programs are working.

Here’s how:

Naming Rights Valuations (for either a Corporate Brand or Property)

Specific Sponsorship Research (for either a Corporate Brand or Property)

ROI Measurement (Brand focused)


Staff Training and Mentoring

Your people are your best asset. We create and deliver effective one-to-one training and group seminars to improve and maintain your staff’s skills.

Our training topics include:

  • Reaping rewards: disciplined sponsorship execution and measurement
  • Refining sponsorship opportunities
  • Asset valuation – understanding what you are paying for
  • Negotiations support
  • Activation tactics and partner fulfillment 4
  • Help you find the right sponsor partner
  • Conduct sector specific sponsorship research
  • Consult and negotiate Partnership Agreements
  • Quick review of proposals


Custom Service Options

Whether you need a unique solution or support to enhance your current sponsorship package, The Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® can provide custom services for any of our sponsorship services.


Consultation As Needed  

Our goal is to support you and your sponsorship plans in whichever format suits you. If you would prefer some one to one consultation or maybe just need a little bit of expertise to guide you through a more complex opportunity, let us know. Our consultation can happen on an as-needed basis.

Staff Training and Mentoring

  • Help you find the right sponsor partner
  • Conduct sector specific sponsorship research
  • Consult and negotiate partnership Agreements
  • Quick review of proposals



For more information or if you would like a proposal to further your sponsorship success, please contact us.


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