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The Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists® develops innovative sponsorship programs for corporate sponsors and sponsorship selling properties. With 15 years of experience, we are leaders in our field and we want to help you maintain leadership in yours.

Whether you’re a brand, non-profit, sport organization, municipality, government agency, charity, event, member association, tournament or conference, we can help you put more revenue into your bottom line or strengthen your existing sponsorship investments.

Reality Check - Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing Book

Reality Check-Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing

Sponsorship is a very big business in Canada.  The 2013 Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study estimates that sponsors invested $1.57 billion in this form of marketing in 2012 with each sponsor that participated in the survey sponsoring, on average, 42 properties (recipients of sponsorships).

Every kind of business incorporates sponsorship in its marketing strategy.  With so much money and effort in this industry, you might think that sponsorship is a successful, clear-cut endeavour.  But it is not.  Every year, many sponsors are disappointed in relationships, implementation and investment outcomes.  And every year, properties overlook what they have to offer, what their audience, members or supporters are worth, and what their sponsors and potential sponsors really need.

The “secret” to a successful sponsorship isn’t really a secret at all.  Learn how to achieve far better, long-lasting results by selling solutions rather than begging for support.  Order your copy of Reality Check-Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing today!

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Overcoming FEAR

Overcoming FEAR

What do you fear? For some in our industry, it is large conferences, and having to interact and network with tons of people. For others, it is the cold call, making the pitch, or negotiating. Sometimes, fear is due to an imposter syndrome that a person may experience...

What’s with the Box?

What’s with the Box?

Be creative. Think outside the box. Stay in the box. What the heck is this box thing and how did we get into it? And why are always being told to get/be/think outside the box? It’s that situation we are stuck in or old habits. It’s “Groundhog Day” over and over again....