Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing

by Brent Barootes with Janet Gadeski

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The Partnership Group-Sponsorship Specialists™ provide innovative solutions for properties and sponsors through a series of products and services. With a team of highly specialized professionals, and strong strategic partnerships, the company is recognized as a leader in this rapidly growing sector.

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Consumer Sponsorship Rankings 2014

Do you know who Canadians perceive as the most active sponsors and why?  Do you know how sponsorship affects your brand?  RESEARCH.  It matters and it’s critical to know what your audience is thinking and responding to.

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About the Partnership Group

The Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists™ develops innovative sponsorship programs for corporate sponsors and sponsor selling properties in the areas of brands, non-profits, sports organizations, municipalities, government agencies, charities, events, member associations, tournaments, and conferences.

We are a team of highly specialized professionals and seen as leaders in this rapidly growing sector. Our mission is to provide our clients with a unique sponsorship proposition that is tailored to meet their particular needs; this proposition will produce results that deliver a measurable return on investment.

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The Partnership Group shared their expertise to help introduce us to the complex world of Corporate Engagement, providing critical recommendations that we are taking action on today and key insights that will be invaluable going forward. With excellent commitment to service, they over delivered in providing industry standard valuations on more assets than we expected so that we are best positioned for success in the future. Partnership Group is an excellent choice for organizations at any stage in Corporate Engagement seeking assistance in this arena.  Thank you Brent, Chris and the rest of the team at Partnership Group.

Richard Warring

Head, Marketing & Public Information, Parks Division Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resources

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Partnership Group
Leaders in the sponsorship industry, The Partnership Group - Sponsorship Specialists™, have been essential contributors to initiating the City of Pointe-Claire’s sponsorship program through an inventory asset valuation process.  Mr. Chris Reed has been instrumental in facilitating the City of Pointe-Claire’s understanding of this evolving industry.   We look forward to ...

Tuesday Morning Commentary

Research Participation

Canadian sponsorship marketing has grown 60% over the past nine years. In fact last year, it became a $1.78 billion industry. This is important to know. As an industry member, it is important to know what the issues are with sponsors… what do they take exception...

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