Do you enjoy reading the TMC? I hope so, because I like writing it. As of today, I have published a TMC once a week continuously for 13 years. That is 676 articles. For me, that’s a milestone. Thirteen is a lucky number in my life. I started dating my wife on Friday the 13th. Ironically (not planned), we got engaged on Friday the 13th. Then we got married (intentionally) on Friday the 13th. So, I consider writing 13 years of the Tuesday Morning Commentary a milestone. (The TMC concept previously existed in another format—an editorial column in my monthly newsletter for 10 years prior to becoming the TMC!).

I am often asked, “What motivates you to publish the TMC every week?” I don’t earn a living from them. I don’t get international recognition and speaking gigs from them. So, why do it?

It’s important to pause sometimes and figure out why you do things. What motivates you to do them? For me, it’s simple. I write the TMC because it is my way of giving back. Perhaps, I have a bit of knowledge or some insight that might be helpful. For the most part, I don’t use the TMC as a platform for political or social rhetoric. Sure, there has been a rant or two every once in a while, but I try to stay away from that.

I write the TMC because I feel it might help someone, somewhere, sometime. What keeps me motivated?—the emails and posts I receive. I feel it’s all worthwhile when I get notes saying, “This was perfect. It motivated me today—just what I needed.” “The timing was perfect. I shared this with my boss who just doesn’t get it. Thanks for the TMC this week.” “I liked those suggestions. Here is another one I use. I hope you can benefit from it as I do your suggestions.” I feel motivated when I know I am making a difference.

Our sponsorship industry can be tough. We work in hills and valleys with events, schedules, and ups and downs. When the tickets to your production are not selling, your sports team has had two bad seasons in a row, or politics are getting in the way of success for you and your clients, it is important to stay motivated. At the other end of the scale, when everything is going right, it is AMAZING. When I was on the street selling sponsorships every day, I stayed motivated knowing my product made a difference. Whether it was a pro sports team or charity, I believed in my product. I knew, when used right, it would help my clients make more money. If I couldn’t believe that, I couldn’t continue to sell it.

We all have ups and downs. My ongoing motivation has always been in believing that what I am selling will have a positive effect on the buyer. Whether it is our services through the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists®, selling a customized sponsorship package, or writing a TMC, the motivation that keeps me going is the knowledge that I can make a difference. 

Another milestone for me is being associated with the longest running sponsorship marketing conference in Canada. The Western Sponsorship Congress (now WSC–Alberta Forum) has been operating continuously every year since October 2005. That’s 17 years straight and it still delivers the best speakers, panels, workshops, education, and networking for the best price anywhere in Canada. If you are interested in learning more about this event and getting registered for the October 2022 experience, visit WSC – Alberta Forum.

I hope to see you there—live and in person!

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  1. Brent, Congratulations on 13 years of continuous TMC publication.

    • Jim,

      Thanks so much and thanks for reading. I am hoping to catch up for breakfast or lunch when I am back in TO in November… if you are in town as well.

  2. You have taught me a lot over the years and I appreciate it. Congratulations on your milestone. I enjoy every article you have written and always take something away. Thank you.

    • Janice,

      Thank you so much for the very kind and thoughtful note. You are making me blush! I am so glad I have been and hopefully will continue to be an asset of of value to you. Brent

  3. Better late than never! Big congrats on the 13th Anniversary of the TMC! I can certainly attest that you have taught me a LOT through your TMCs, not only on the sponsorship side, but also how to be a professional. I cant say that I have ever forwarded one to a boss, though. LOL. Depending on the boss, that may or may not go well!

    • Lol… I can relate. There are a lot of bosses I had over the years that I would never send sound advice to… they would take it the wrong way!! Thanks Josh for reading and your kid words and feedback.


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