8th Annual Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study is Underway

Over the past six years, the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (CSLS) presented by the Canadian Sponsorship Forum has provided Canadians with the most comprehensive information on the scope, scale and trends of the nation’s sponsorship industry, and in turn, enabled deeper understanding of its strategic use.

The CSLS probes sponsors, sponsees (properties) and agencies in order to best capture the Canadian sponsorship landscape and you are invited to participate!  In completing this survey, your results will be kept confidential and you will be given the option to complete it anonymously using a secured data collection website at www.sponsorshiplandscape.ca.

The survey is estimated to take up to 20 minutes to complete (depending on your organization). Having access to your sponsorship information (i.e., details on partnerships, budgets, etc.) before beginning will help you fill out the survey more quickly.  For more information or to complete the survey, please click here.

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