Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

They matter.

Aesop said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” It is important to remember this. The acts of kindness you deliver make an impact. It may be a loonie for a street musician, helping an elderly person across the road, volunteering to run the time clock at a sport activity, opening a door for someone, or letting someone who is in a hurry go ahead of you in line. Or it may be paying it forward. I was in the Dairy Queen drive-through the other day and the car in front paid $10 toward our bill—yes, I passed it on. These acts of kindness are so important. Watch the smile they bring to others. They can make someone’s day. Recently, I was in a mall food court waiting for my phone to be fixed. I had to go back to the service kiosk where they were fixing my phone, but had downloads happening on my computer in the food court related to the repairs on my phone. What was I to do? I asked the young man at a nearby table to watch my laptop. He got up, moved to the table next to me, and did so. No sweat at his end—huge help for me. That act of kindness increased my faith in humankind and trust of others. It was a small thing for him, but it made my day.

How can you perform acts of kindness in the business world? Easily—very easily, and your partners and prospects will notice and appreciate them. Here are a few ways you can deliver small acts of kindness that will create great impact.

  • Thank your partner for being your partner—not at renewal time or when you need something, just randomly.
  • If you have extra tickets to something, send them a partner’s way for free.
  • When you see they or their organization is recognized for something (award, promotion, acquisition, etc.), send a note of congratulations and share the news on social media.
  • If you read an article (in hard copy or online) that would be of value to your partner (be it about something they like personally such as fishing or wine tasting, or professionally such as an article that pertains to their sector), share it with them.
  • If you know their birthday, send them a card.
  • Surprise them and send a Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, or Canada Day card.

There are many ways you can perform small acts of kindness in business that will go a long way toward enhancing your relationship with a partner. But do it because you care, not to build your relationship. In the past week, I have received two notes from past clients whom I have not been in touch with since before the pandemic. Both just reached out to say, “Hi, how are you doing? I was thinking about you today, I hope you are well. When you have time, let’s catch up.” They brought a smile to my face. They made my day on both occasions and I was emotionally moved—pretty small acts with impressive outcomes.

Let me know your thoughts on how you can perform, or have performed, acts of kindness (personal or business) that have impacted others.

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  1. Morning Brent good timing I just received a thank you card from a fellow realtor, I sold one of their listings in the summer and they just wanted to say thank you. Very Cool. My goal is to send a thank you card each day. Cheers

    • That is really cool! Hey I love that idea of sending a thank you card each day. I hope you and the whole family are all well. Hope to catch up for coffee again soon. Stay well my friend. Brent


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