Writing Better…

Writing Better…

Do you want to be able to write better? I am always looking to get better at everything I do, so I did some research on how to write better. Through all the years that I have written this TMC column, I have done it by the seat of my pants. Typically, I write like I speak. I ramble a little, quite often I am long winded, and sometimes I am very opinionated. Heck, you knew all that. You read the TMC.

So what can I do to improve my writing? I did some research to help me deliver my messages better. These are my Five Favs To Improve Writing. I hope they help! Let me know.

  1. Use bullets to isolate key points or important information. This way, the reader can look at them easily and refer back when needed.
  2. Construct sentences in the active versus the passive voice. Active voice engages the reader!
  3. Open your writing with a question to which the readers will answer “yes!” It gets them engaged from the start. They already agree with you and are looking for more.
  4. Incorporate the word “because” as often as possible. Why? Because it allows you to explain your point and allows the reader to agree (or disagree) with you!
  5. Make your call to action in your message (if there is one) to be a call to value. Instead of saying, “Donate” for a charitable message, say “Help save the children.” Or instead of saying, “Register today” for an event like the Western Sponsorship Congress®, say “Learn how to make more sponsorship sales.”

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  1. Thanks for the post today Brent! I really liked the options to “donate or sign up” as these always sound pushy and not very inspired, but it is difficult to find new ways to say the same things sometimes! As someone who is responsible for grants, events, sponsorship as well as all the communications (social media, newsletters and traditional media) and public engagement for our organization I need all the tips to be as clear and efficient as possible!

    Thank you!

    • Laura,
      You are great at what you do and that is why HIV Edmonton is doing well! Yes, hard to say the same thing in different ways. I have learned, often best to “just ask”. Make it simple and direct. Thanks again for your feedback. Brent


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