BMO and ChangeIt Announce First-in-Canada Partnership

BMO Bank of Montreal and ChangeIt recently announced a partnership that offers Canadians the ability to donate to their favourite charities conveniently and securely on a day-to-day basis. Customers can sign up at and set ’round up’ amounts on their BMO MasterCard purchases and donate the difference to more than 86,000 charities of their choice in Canada.

ChangeIt technology offers multiple tools and advantages to BMO customers, including the ability to:

— Track donations online and control rounding up preferences at any time;

— Set a monthly maximum and receive monthly summaries of donations;

— Receive an official donation receipt for Income Tax purposes for every

penny donated.

“Consumers today are using electronic payments tools almost exclusively to make everyday purchases and payments, and this first-in-Canada partnership leverages that behaviour to make charitable giving easier for a large number of Canadians,” said Mike Kitchen, Chief Executive Officer, ChangeIt.

Mr. Kitchen added that partnerships with key stakeholders such as BMO also provide charities and non-profit organizations with access to new, recurring revenue at a fraction of traditional fundraising rates.

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