Consumer Sponsorship Rankings

Which sponsors are recognized by consumers as being most supportive of the arts? Who do consumers think are the biggest sponsors of sport in Canada? What does the average Canadian think about sponsorship overall? Who do Canadians remember most among properties and events across Canada?

These are the questions both sponsors and properties need to know the answers to. Yes, sponsors and brands need to know this information to invest wisely, to understand where they rank in consumers’ minds, and to plan activation and leverage opportunities. Selling properties need to know where they rank in consumers’ minds to plan their own marketing and value their brand associations properly.

Knowing where you rank in the eyes of the Canadian consumer is critical.

Next month at the Western Sponsorship Congress™, the first ever Consumer Sponsorship Rankings (CSR) will be made available to the public. They answer many questions.

  • Who do consumers feel are the most active sponsors in Canada?
  • What are the most recognized properties?
  • How do these brands rank in Western Canada versus Quebec, and how do they rank based on gender or age group?

This Enigma Research work is phenomenal and answers so many questions that all of us have been asking. To ensure the capture of commentary and complete understanding of the feedback from the Canadian consumer, the study was done through one-on-one phone interviews rather than an internet format. This, we believe, has provided the CSR with a solid and detailed base of information to grow.

I have had a sneak peek at the preliminary CSR. Some of the results are shocking, while others are what we might have expected. But finally, “what the average Canadian consumer thinks about sponsorship, sponsors and selling properties” is all in one place.

During my opening keynote at the Western Sponsorship Congress™, I will release some of the top level information as it truly delivers important trending information for those attending this conference. In addition, Enigma Research will present a workshop on the findings and the CSR will be available for subscription purchase.

Our industry is beginning to grow up. We are finally getting Canadian data. The Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study, in conjunction with the Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada (SMCC) and TrojanOne – Canadian Sponsorship Forum, led the way. Six years ago, they began to produce the information we all needed to understand what sponsors and properties feel about sponsorship and the trending of the industry based on dollars and cents, activation, and implementation.

In my mind, this has grown to be the most valuable research data available to our Canadian industry from a property selling a sponsorship buying audience. Now with the CSR, we will have a complementary product that tracks the thoughts, reactions, and trending of the consumers themselves. This harmonizing ranking will allow sponsors and properties to better understand the people to whom they are trying to deliver their messages and how to do it right.

We are truly growing up. Seven years ago, the Canadian sponsorship industry had but one small Toronto-based sponsorship conference and no Canadian data on the industry. Today, we have five major national sponsorship conferences and several smaller regional conferences coast to coast. We have leadership through the SMCC. We have deep and entrenched trending data provided through the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study, and now we have the Consumer Sponsorship Rankings.

With all these educational and networking opportunities, plus the critical Canadian research data, both brands and properties should know they have the tools to be extremely successful in this industry in Canada.

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