Does Your Perspective Really Matter?

Does Your Perspective Really Matter?

Earlier this summer, my wife, our daughter, and I went on our epic driving trip of 2019. It was 5,010 km., through four provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba), three time zones, nine market stops (staying at hotels in some places and with family in others)—all in three weeks. (We did a 29-day version of this epic drive in 2014 through nine U.S. states and eight national parks.) On this trip, though, there were lots of lively conversations, and typical of a 14-year-old, our daughter had opinions and sometimes frustrations with everything from school to hockey, music to politics. Then I ran across a pretty amazing quote: “Your perspective only matters if you share it.

I actually saw it twice—and it hit home both times. Once was in a non-profit’s annual report and the second was on a billboard—each in different provinces. It made me think of my daughter’s feedback and general comments over the course of the trip. I pointed out to her that she could “complain” all she wanted, but unless she shared her perspective or opinions with people other than my wife and me, they were useless.

It is really quite simple—and true. If all our feedback, ideas, and criticism or praise remains bottled up within us, thoughts don’t really matter. We need to share them. Tell others. Then our perspective matters.

How does this affect you and your role? Well, think about the last survey that was sent to you after a conference, or visit to a hotel or store that you didn’t complete because you were too busy. Perhaps you loved or hated the service at that store or hotel. Maybe you thought the meals were not healthy enough or the air conditioning didn’t work well. Unless you fill out the survey and express your perspective, it doesn’t matter, so stop complaining to yourself about it!

To me, it also means more than a survey or request for feedback. It means sharing your perspective with your boss, peers, and partners. If you don’t think a certain activation will work, tell the people that matter. Express your perspective. Don’t wait until it fails and then say, “I knew it wouldn’t work!” Likewise, if you have a great idea for a sponsor or property, share it. This is how you make your perspective matter. Express your ideas to the powers that be. They won’t always accept or use them, but at least they will know you are thinking, and that you are part of the solution rather than just an order taker!

The next time you have a thought, opinion, perspective, complaint, or a “kudos,” share it. That’s how you make it matter.

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  1. Well said! I personally make it a point to send an un-aided note of praise via phone or email once per month so let companies or organizations know their staff are doing well.
    Too many people offer complaints, but VERY few are quick to praise!

  2. Josh,
    Thanks for the post. And terrific habit… well done. Hope to see you soon. Are you going to the WSC Ontario on October 9-10? Let me know if you are interested and I will get you a great deal on registration as I have access to a couple of discounted passes.

    • Hi Brent,
      Yes it is something that I try to do as I am sure it makes the employees days when they see the feedback.
      Yes, I’d be interested in attending! Given that you still have some tickets available?
      Let me know,
      Thanks as always!

      • Josh, well done. In regards to the tickets, I sent you a direct email regarding remaining tickets and an discount code I have for you! Hope you can attend.


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