New Program to Align Passion and Influence for Social Change

Late last week, Winnipeg based FineLine Solutions, a leading engagement service provider for the nonprofit industry, announced a groundbreaking platform called Social Ambassador™ to bring together socially responsible people, companies and philanthropic organizations by encouraging “philanthroship™.”

With a post or a “re-tweet” people have the power to make a difference and support their favorite cause on Facebook and Twitter thanks to Social Ambassador. As interest and popularity in social media grows, so too does user involvement and Social Ambassador embraces that engagement to enhance cause marketing with this new program.

When a Facebook or Twitter user posts or tweets a cause from a Social Ambassador campaign, the participating corporation donates a pre-determined amount of money to the selected charitable organization. With the majority of Facebook and Twitter members having dozens, or hundreds, of friends and followers, the social interaction does not take long to go viral with the user’s network of contacts and the donations increase as more people get involved.

The Social Ambassador incorporates tracking tools to offer quantifiable data of user interaction including geographic and demographic metrics to its partners that is unique to the industry.

Sam Blackford, vice-president of business development for Social Ambassador, said now is the right time for corporations to embrace social media and enhance their image of corporate social responsibility.

“Social Ambassador links nonprofits and corporations that are aligned in their mission and committed to the greater good,” said Blackford. “This exciting new platform is a real game changer for the industry. Social Ambassador allows companies to enhance their corporate image and give back to the causes that they, their employees, and customers want to support.”

Corporations are striving to connect brands to community and now that social media allows users to have a wide reach, Social Ambassador provides a platform for a company to build on its philanthropic image thanks to the power of people.

“Steve Jobs believed that people with passion can change the world for the better,” said Jocelyn Chipman, COO/CSO of FineLine Solutions and Social Ambassador. “Bill Gates believes that government and philanthropy can’t fix the world on their own. We need the private sector to get involved. Social media gives us the ability to connect people, corporations and nonprofits and Social Ambassador is the transformative vehicle that makes it easy to align their passion and influence to effect social change.”

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