Sponsorship Love at Valentines

Sponsorship Love at Valentines

Do you celebrate Valentines? Valentines is when you are supposed to recognize the one (or ones) that you love—your family, your friends—and show them you really care. Originally, and from a religious perspective, this is the day to feast and celebrate St Valentine. Then in the 17th century, the people of Great Britain began to exchange small tokens or gifts with those they loved, or with whom they were romantically involved—on February 14.

By the early 1900s, printed (versus handwritten) Valentines greeting cards were the rage. In the late 1900s, British chocolate maker Cadbury created fancy boxes of chocolate in the shape of hearts. Today, about one billion greeting cards are sent and 85% of all Valentines purchases are made by women. Chocolate, flowers, and jewellery have become staples in letting people know we love them. In my world, we call this commercialization, but it is an opportunity—like Mother’s or Father’s Day—to recognize those we love.

How much do you love your sponsorship partners? Do you recognize them at Valentines? Do you honestly recognize them at all? Or do you just take them for granted. We all know the result of taking your partner for granted—separation and possibly divorce. So how can you show your sponsorship partners that you love and appreciate them? Here are a few thoughts for both sponsors and properties.

For Sponsors

  • Send a note to the properties you invest in and let them know you are thinking about them—ask how everything is going.
  • Take a property to lunch or coffee and ask about their event, property, or programs—and how things are going.
  • Pick up the phone and call your rep at the property and say thank you for the opportunity to work with them.
  • Set up a meeting for your executives or CEO to meet with their executive/CEO to further develop the relationship.
  • Send a balloon-a-gram, chocolate-gram, or fresh fruit to a property and thank them for being a great partner—make it enough so all the staff can enjoy.

For Properties

  • As above, just reach out by phone, email, or note to thank your sponsor for being a great partner.
  • Send them tickets that are above and beyond the contract agreement for their staff.
  • Take them on a site tour.
  • Send them a midpoint fulfilment report.
  • Send them video or pictures of their involvement with you and share on social media.

There are lots of folks doing this out there—appreciating their partners and showing them so. Be sure to share with me, on our blog, or social networks your ways of appreciating your sponsorship partner. And remember—you don’t have to do this just on Valentines. Perhaps set up a system where you reach out to a partner organization each week or each month and let them know how much you love them!

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