Thought to Ponder

Thought to Ponder

As I sit in meetings and listen to folks or read online content to stay up to date, I come across many insights, thoughts, and ideas. Over the last while, I have collected a few and wanted to share some with you. I hope you find them of value. I sure do.

  • Tolerance is the art of seeing yourself as others see you—and not getting mad about it! (Yes, I can definitely learn from this one!)
  • Tomorrow is never ours until it becomes today. (Insightful, but check out the one below which I have known for decades and use all the time… this one is possibly more positive!)
  • Tomorrow never comes, because by the time it arrives, it is no longer tomorrow but today! (This works well in the bar business with a sign that says, “Free beer tomorrow.”)
  • I was once told in a meeting, “Take the words success and failure out of your vocabulary and replace them with honesty and effort!” (Again, I could do well to practice this approach.)
  • Today’s disappointment viewed six months from now may turn out to be one of the best breaks we ever got. (I know this has been true for me on more than one occasion.)

If you have some sayings or thoughts that you want to share, please feel free to reach out.

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