Reading Body Language

Reading Body Language

They say that our words account for only 7% of communication. Non-verbal communication accounts for 55%, and tone or inflection accounts for 38%.  So, how well are you communicating in that sponsorship deal negotiation or discovery session? To be successful in sponsorship, or in other business or personal life, the message you send with body gestures and movement is critical. I thought I would share some key body language tips I have learned over the years.

Here are my top four body signals that could make or break you with someone with whom you are communicating.

  1. Typically, someone who is not telling the truth will touch their face or nose with their left hand. So when you see someone touching their nose on the left side with their left hand, be wary of what they are saying!
  1. Crossed arms across the chest either when sitting or standing typically means they are not listening or interested or have tuned you out.
  1. A tilting of the head forward and nodding most commonly means they are in agreement with what you are saying.
  1. Note that when someone wags their finger at you while talking is a sign that they want the last word. So, know that if you are communicating with a “wagger,” if you continue making a point after them, the conversation may never end. Know that the wagger has to have the last word!

There are several others. In my Successful Negotiation session I am delivering during a full day deep dive of sponsorship training in April in Edmonton for AFP Edmonton, we look at more than ten body gestures as well as other tips for win-win negotiations. For more information or to register click here. In the meantime, if you have some thoughts on non-verbal communication, please feel free to share them!

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