The hyper-competitive Retail industry received a much needed data sharing opportunity today where brands can benchmark Community Investment and Sponsorship performance in their industry through the February SPONSORIUM Report. Data collected directly from the management software many retailers rely on shows 12% more activities taking place in the Health sector, over combined data from other industries, and 7% more in local Community building events. Over 50,000 activities total, were tracked in 2013.

The Report also has a Sponsorship version, and both of which are published monthly by SPONSORIUM International, the world’s leading Sponsorship and Community Investment management software provider. Average sponsorship spending by retailers across a variety of sectors is shared, the majority of the activities being local marketing opportunities for less than $100,000. Certain highlights, not as prevalent in other industries, included Tourist Attractions ($33,315 avg) and Consumer Shows ($31,253 avg). 

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes data and insights globally, as well as regionally for many countries including the United States and Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, to improve benchmarking ability in the Sponsorship and Community Investment industries.

Additional insights from the special drilled-down version of the report include how well Retailer’s Community Investment objectives are met within each sector/focus area. SPONSORIUM measures this on a 1,000pt scale, and again, Health actually scored highest at 425 (meaning 42.5% of brands’ objectives were met). CSR activities typically score in this range, but rank differently in each industry vertical. In the Retail industry, Education ranked lowest at just 297pts (29.7% of objectives being met). The October 2013 SPONSORIUM Report drilled-down into the Financial Industry, where Education was on top.

Experts from the field, either in Sponsorship and Marketing or Community Investment and Corporate Citizenship are often quoted in the Report to provide additional reaction to the data SPONSORIUM aggregates. 

February’s Report uses data collected from throughout the year – over 50,000 opportunities and partnerships in all taking place (in 2013), in 145 different countries. The data is collected from the PerforMind™ software, which over 250 brands around the world rely on to track and evaluate their own Sponsorship and Community Investment and activities.

“The SPONSORIUM Report is a unique tool offered to the industry. Brands need to be able to gauge performance, understand trends and make adjustments where needed to improve their Community Investment and Sponsorship activities. The evaluation of their goals and objectives plays a central part of this so they can continue to create partnerships that impact their bottom line as well as the community,” said Paul Pednault, Founder and President of SPONSORIUM.

“This month the Report offers a bit of a one off by drilling down into a specific industry. Certainly Retail brands are keen to see the direct benchmarking opportunity, but all stakeholders and other industries can learn from the trends taking place here,” said Seth Leeds, Editor of the SPONSORIUM Report.

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes monthly, and is available for free download via the website or in the White Papers &  Tools Section of our website.

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