Sponsorship Audit for the Resort Municipality of Whistler

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), Tourism Whistler, and the Whistler Arts Council, following an extensive RFP process, have entered into a joint services agreement with Score Marketing Inc. of Vancouver and Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists™ of Calgary to deliver a comprehensive audit of the resort community’s assets. This undertaking will provide the RMOW, Tourism Whistler and the Whistler Arts Council with an asset identification and audit of all the sponsorable assets that will serve as the foundation for a potential sponsorship program.
Some of the properties being audited are the Meadow Park Sport Centre, the Whistler Public Library, the Valley Trail, numerous recreational fields and athletic areas, several festivals and events including Canada Day and New Year’s Eve as well as the Whistler Conference Centre, social media assets, and properties and events operated by the Whistler Arts Council such as the Whistler Children’s Festival and Maurice Young Millennium Place. In addition, the undertaking will provide real-market values to each and every asset individually to provide the RMOW, Tourism Whistler and the Whistler Arts Council the opportunity to custom design sponsorship proposals in the future.
Through the investment, the RMOW, Tourism Whistler and the Whistler Arts Council will be able to work with sponsorship prospects to design programs that specifically meet the objectives and also deliver true market value products for both the sponsors and the properties. This process will also provide the municipality and property partners with an overall report that indicates what annual revenue they should expect to generate and how to achieve that revenue goal.
The leadership shown by the RMOW serves to illustrate to municipalities across the country that whether they are large metropolitan areas or small towns and villages, such an investment is an important part of revenue diversification planning and economic development.

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