Why Research Matters

The Consumer Sponsorship Rankings 2013 (CSR 2013) are presently being assembled and tallied. This exclusive study involving over 2,000 randomly selected Canadians is unequivocally the standard in unbiased consumer research on sponsorship in Canada. There are no outside agendas or client input-just a straightforward study of 2,000 Canadians on how they feel about sponsorship in Canada.

Again this year, the average time spent with each survey participant was between 12 and 15 minutes. This is the largest and most accurate study of its kind and the only annual national study that specifically surveys consumers (versus industry participants such as agencies, brands, and selling properties) about such topics as brands and their recall of them, sponsorship properties and how they feel about them, and drills down to look specifically into the telecommunications industry, the financial sector, charities, sport, and more. The study is undertaken by the global research firm REPUCOM on behalf of the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists™.

From early reviews, we see that Canadian consumers continue to recognize Ford as the dominant auto manufacturer in Canadian sponsorship. Molson-Coors, RBC, Tim Horton’s, Coca-Cola, and BMO round out the top five most active sponsors. Air Canada continues to be the dominant airline in Canadian sponsorship investments, while Bell and Wal-Mart continue to hold their titles atop their sectors. Sun Life leads the pack for insurance companies, while Rogers leads the media companies, followed by the CBC.

This year, a new series of questions allowed us to determine industry support for sport, cultural, and charitable properties by category sector and ranking. Sixty-four percent of respondents believe that financial institutions and breweries are extremely or very likely to support these organizations, while high-tech companies were ranked extremely or very supportive by only 31% of Canadians.

Again this year, the Terry Fox Run was selected as the most important walk, run, or bike event, while the Montreal Canadiens yet again was recognized as the most prestigious sports team. The Canadian Cancer Society was once more the most important charity. For the first time, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) broke into the most important arts or cultural event category as selected by random Canadians.

Molson and Scotiabank were recognized professional hockey sponsors (Labatt ranked 9th), while Tim Horton’s and Scotiabank (again) headed up the amateur hockey top sponsors list. BMO was recognized as the most active in soccer, while Saputo came second. The CIBC was most recognized for its sponsorship of the CBCF CIBC Run for the Cure, while Canadians also recognized CIBC for its sponsorships of hockey and the CFL!(??) TELUS was recognized for its sponsorships of hockey and golf in the sports sector.

The information gleaned from this exclusive and proprietary study is fascinating and allows our consultants (and those organizations that purchase the study through a subscription) to better understand what Canadians are thinking. This precise data helps us advise our corporate clients on where to invest, how to invest, and assists our property-selling clients with information on whom they should be talking to, why, and how to activate with them. At the October SMCC Western Sponsorship Congress™ in Calgary, registered delegates will receive more in-depth content from this proprietary study in the opening keynote I will deliver, as well as in the workshop session being delivered by study partner Derek Mager from REPUCOM. Also, all delegates attending the session workshop will receive a hard copy Executive Summary Overview of the study results. In addition to this Consumer Sponsorship Ranking (CSR) 2013 content, delegates will have the opportunity to see the presentation by Norm O’Reilly, (co-author with Elisa Beselt from TrojanOne) of Canada’s landmark insider industry research study-the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (CSLS). This amazing research conducted by the University of Ottawa, SMCC, and TrojanOne truly complements the CSR 2013 study. The SMCC Western Sponsorship Congress™ is the only place where you can see the CSLS and the CSR research studies presented side-by-side by their authors so you can understand what both industry professionals and consumers are talking about.

Research. It is important. It is critical. It can make a difference in your sponsorship program. Whether you do your own research or utilize industry available research, you need to learn about it and understand it to take your sponsorship program to the next level.

These are just one person’s thoughts. Yours are welcomed as well. Please add your thoughts or comments below. Thank you for reading and your feedback.

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